We have been featured a couple of times this year on Westchester Magazine!

  1. Food Truck Heaven is Just Across the Border – Three Little Pigs Truck BBQ of Hawthorne, whose menu includes a pork belly “PBLT,” joined the party. LINK
  2. Your Ultimate Summer Food and Drink Bucket List –  Three Little Pigs BBQ in Hawthorne knows how to infuse just the right amount of smoke flavor into its wings and five-spice pork belly. LINK
  3. BOW 2017 Food and Drink – You may never go back to the traditional hot sauce/butter-coated/deep-fried wing after trying the dry-rub smoked wing proferred by Marc Mazzarulli,  who also owns Armonk-based off-premises barbecue-catering company Westchester Wild BBQ. Coming low and slow out of a Cookshack smoker (about 200°F), the skin has an excellent bite-through, the interior moist, and sans the mess of three-napkin Buffalo sauce. LINK